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CD of over 60 complete bowling pinsetter PATENTS from 1899 to 2006 - includes all DRAWINGS and DESCRIPTIONS.

You’ll see the evolution of the Brunswick & AMF Pinsetters, the Sherman Duckpin machine and the Murphy Candlepin machine, the various Backus pinsetters from Smethport, PA along with several interesting inventions that never made it to commercial production.

You’ll read the details and see the drawings of the 1930’s AMF pinsetter prototype by Gottfried Schmidt and others culminating in the 1946 production model. In late 1946 they scrapped the project and “went back to the drawing board”.

The patents from the late 1940’s to the early 1950’s are fascinating - you’ll see the machine invented in Ohio and then refined by other engineers in New York and California to make the final 1952 AMF Pinspotter.

Then you’ll see all the inventions of Ernest Hedenskoog and several others working for Brunswick including an interesting 1930’s machine. You’ll see the development of the B-1 and B-10 Brunswick manual machines for pinboys and then the Huck patents that led to the Brunswick A model pinsetter in 1956. There’s even a 2006 patent which updates the A-2 Brunswick with a hydraulically actuated machine controlled by a programmable logic controller.

The patents are from 5 pages to 35 pages each and all are in Adobe PDF files.

This one-of-a-kind CD is only $15.

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