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Any 3 articles  $7.50  (except for Brunswick B-10 manual)


AMF introduction - 1952 1 page

AMF complete story from 1931 to 1952 - 5 page article with all the details of it’s invention & development - this is the best historical article

AMF - 3 page article called “This Invention Revolutionized an Industry” from Product Engineering Magaine 1957 - lots of good info

AMF - RARE photo of the 1948 AMF pinsetter - looks like a cross between the 1946 model and the 1954 Brunswick model!

AMF - Article from March 1946 “Electric Pinboys Never Go Home” includes photos of the 1946 AMF in action

Article from 1948 called “A Robot Sets ‘Em Up” about an automatic pinsetter invented in Ogden, Utah. Photos and drawings included in  the 2 page article. Very interesting.

1951 Article called “Automatic Setter Pulls Bowled Over Pins Through Alley Floor” - it’s kind of like the string-pinsetters of today only with the strings under the alley - not above it! 1 page article

ARTICLE about the inventors of the 1940’s Ohio automatic pinsetter which was later to become machine which provided key details that AMF needed to perfect it’s 1952 “pinspotter.”


2 page article on Southport Lanes in Chicago which still uses pinboys! Includes some photos

2 page “picture article” on Southport Lanes

12 page article on “Pinboy Memories” - great article with all kinds of information on what it was like to be a pinboy. Includes 3 pages of color photos of going back to a very old bowling alley (now closed) to look at the old lanes, pits, ball returns & where the pinboy worked.

3 page article from the early 1950’s (Harper’s Magazine) called “After Hours”. It tells about the pinboys and about the business of running a bowling alley.  Free with any order

The Brunswick manual listed below is $10

BRUNSWICK B-10 “Electric Semi-Automatic Pinsetter” - Installation and Service Manual. 35 page manual showing all the parts.

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