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All of the following are on VHS Videotape.

$18 for any 3 "Shorts" or "Pinsetters" videos

BOWLING “Shorts” (films from the 1930’s-40’s-50’s)

BOWLING SKILLS - outdoor duckpin bowling, bocce, regular bowling on “quaint” old alleys

BOWLING ACES - “Quaint” old alleys and featiring trick shot bowler Joe Falcaro

KING OF THE PINS - Instruction by Joe Wilman and comedy shots by a very young Buddy Hackett

SPLITS, STRIKES and SPARES - A “politically incorrect” 1940’s trick shot film all about women bowlers - young, old, heavy, thin.

BOWLING FEVER - 1940's film from Pla-Mor Lanes on Chicago's South Side - includes instruction and trick shots by Joe Wilman

STRIKES & SPARES - shows ABC Bowling Tournament 1953

NO TIME TO SPARE - features trick shots with Andy Varipapa

TENPIN CHAMPIONS - with Don Carter, Ray Bluth, Dick Weber, Billy Welu, Pat Patterson, Whitey Harris - the Budwiser All-Star team

TENPIN TOUR - narrated by a young Chris Schenkel - shows bowling around the world and also the early 1952 AMF automatics - bowler Lee Jouglard gives bowling instruction

BOWLING & BILLARD CHAMPS - (1953)  Joe Falcaro with bowling trick shots - also Billard Champs Willie Mosconi and Willie Hoppe doing 3 cushion, trick shots and pocket billards.

BOWLING KINGS (1947)  Ned Day & Joe Falcaro doing trick shots

Pete Smith film short “BOWLING TRICKS” featuring Andy Varipapa - incredible trick shots from the master!

Pete Smith 1938 film short “SET ‘EM UP” featuring Andy Varipapa and Ned Day

BETTER BOWLING   1940's film with Andy Varipapa and Ned Day.  Great film shots of old alleys, manual pinsetters and old ball returns.



1946 AMF PINSPOTTER - rare 2 minute film of this great invention showing all the inner workings of the machine. It was 7 feet tall and weighed 2 tons!  It worked on suction and had a revolving turntable.

BRUNSWICK FILM - “Bowling Is Our Business” a rare film from 1953 showing pin and ball factories, photos of the 1920’s automatic (which worked!) and working models of a 1930’s pinsetter and the prototype for the 1956 model “A”. (10 minutes)

AMF 82-70 Pinspotter - all the details of the “new” AMF from the 1960’s. This was a big improvement over the original 1952 pinsetter.

Any videos below $4 each


Story on tavern in Red Bud, Illinois with 2 lanes that use PINBOYS. (5 min.)

Story on Southport Lanes in Chicago (4 lanes) that still use PINBOYS (5 min.)

Story on Holler House In Milwaukee (2 lanes) that still use PINBOYS - Interesting story on the bowlers & pinboy  (9 minutes)

Ending of the 1st perfect game shot on a filmed TV show - Steve Nagy on Championship Bowling in 1954 hosted by legend “Whispering Joe” Wilson. Exciting!!! (5 min.)

The show listed below is $10 for the one hour show

One hour TV show hosted by George Plimpton on the HISTORY OF BOWLING. Has bowlers from 1900 thru the 1980’s - all kinds of old equipment, films, bowlers, etc.

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